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Manufacture ware spun silk products

Manufacture ware spun silk products

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! The Vallee Noire, so it seemed to me, was part and parcel of myself, the framework in which my life was set, the native costume that I had always worn - what worlds away from the silks and satins that are suited for the public stage. They'd traveled over a fortnight on the king's largest ship, bearing silks , game, and swords to offer as gifts with the barbarians. Handlooms and small spinTextiles ning establishments have, in the silk industry, given place to large establishments with steam looms. The production of raw silk at least tripled itself between and , and the value of the silks woven in Italy, estimated in to be 2,,, is now, on account of the development of the export trade calculated to be almost 4,,

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Their bodies were slick with sweat, and she lingered in the afterglow, lost in the heat and silk of his skin.

The city has extensive manufactures of heavy machinery, electric supplies, brass and copper products and silk goods. He was dressed in a dark-green dress coat, knee breeches of the color of cuisse de nymphe effrayee, as he called it, shoes, and silk stockings. Gold and silk embroidery, filigree work, morocco and richly-braided jackets are produced for home use and for sale in Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Up comes the cotton, down goes the woven cloth; up comes the silk , down goes the woollen; up come the books, but down goes the wit that writes them.

The bed was the largest she'd ever seen, with a finely spun silk bedspread of pale yellow. The room was utterly feminine, from the pale colors to the silk and lace accents and carved furniture.

Made of material softer than silk , the black dress she wore pooled at the top of her feet. She had long blonde hair like spun silk , a perfectly proportioned figure and blue-green eyes that made you feel you were looking into the sea. His high-water trousers exposed black silk socks with little ladders up the sides, held in place with garters, something Dean hadn't seen in decades.

She wore a silk blouse, Jimmy Choo's and a pencil skirt with a slit up the side, which gave just a glimpse of leg that went on forever. They stood in front of an airy, light tent resembling a silk sheet suspended in midair over a table.

She wore white slacks, an emerald-green silk blouse and high-heeled shoes. The dress was thick silk and moved like water as she pulled it free and held it against her.

The silk fabrics of France hold the first place, particularly the more expensive kinds. A tradesman's wife was showing a rent in her shawl and telling how much the shawl had cost; another was saying that all silk goods had now got dear. The industries of the town include manufactures of cotton, silk , earthenware, machinery and tobacco, with brass and iron founding; while slate and stone are quarried, and there are coal, iron and lead mines in the neighbourhood.

Silk Buckingham, and he was a regular contributor for the rest of his life. As the powers of the telescope were gradually developed, it was found that the finest hairs or filaments of silk , or the thinnest silver wires that could be drawn, were much too thick for the refined purposes of the astronomer, as p p they entirely obliterated the image of a star in the more powerful telescopes. He wore black jeans, a dark gray Versace silk sport shirt with the cuffs rolled up, and a pair of A.

Testoni loafers. There were no traditional decorations such as pictures or mirrors on the walls, but colorful cords and streams of what might have been silk edging the corners and dangling from high ceilings.

The silk industry occupied f34, hands in The man speaking wore the signs of wealth: gold chains, silk sashes, and well-made weapons. No doubt the bird had mistaken the purple silk for something good to eat.

Its material may be linen, wool, cotton or silk ; but silk only is the rule for deacons. The hilly regions of Limousin, Prigord and the Cvennes are the home of the chestnut, which in some places is still a staple food; walnuts grow on the lower levels of the central plateau and in lower Dauphin and Provence, figs and almonds in Provence, oranges and citrons on the Mediterranean coast, apricots in central France, the olive in Provcnce and the lower valleys of the Rhneand Durancc.

Truffles arc found under Silk Cocoons. At an early date Hastings was placed in charge of an aurang or factory in the interior, where his duties would be to superintend the weaving of silk and cotton goods under a system of money advances. The chief industrial establishments are a large ammunition factory and an engine factory; but manufactures of cotton, silk , velvet, pottery and paper, sugar-refining and tanning are also extensively carried on.

Silk and waste silk , manu factures of.. The night was clear and cool, the sky a beautiful pageant of dark blue silk and brilliant stars, of streaking meteors and two glowing orbs. With a sinking heart, wretched as she always was now when she found herself in a crowd, Natasha in her lilac silk dress trimmed with black lace walked- -as women can walk--with the more repose and stateliness the greater the pain and shame in her soul.

Nothing made sense to her numbed mind, aside from the fragrant ocean, the fine sand that slid through her fingers like silk , and the warm-cool sensations caused by a combination of afternoon sun and sea breeze.

It was muted black, made out of material smoother than silk that draped over her arm like a second skin. In the earliest the conductor was represented by long metal wires, supported by silk or other insulating material, and left to pick up the air's potential.

The micrometer of Auzout and Picard was provided with silk fibres or silver wires instead of the edges of Gascoigne, but one of the silk fibres remained fixed while the other was moved by a screw. Meanwhile he had been appointed physician advising on the establishment of a silk factory. The city's manufactures idclude cotton, woollen and silk textiles, cigars and cigarettes, and dulces, or sweetmeats, Morelia being noted throughout Mexico for the latter, particularly for a variety called Guayabate.

The important silk industry, however, began to revive about 18go, and dairy farming is prosperous; but the condition of the vilayet is far less unsettled than that of Macedonia, owing partly to the preponderance of Moslems among the peasantry, and partly to the nearness of Constantinople, with its Western influences. The merchant put the gold in a bag of purple silk which he tied to his belt underneath his long cloak.

Small talk progressed to let's-go-someplace-else and before Dean knew it, he was between Ethel Rosewater's white silk sheets. On waking up that morning Count Ilya Rostov left his bedroom softly, so as not to wake the countess who had fallen asleep only toward morning, and came out to the porch in his lilac silk dressing gown.

The countess was to wear a claret-colored velvet dress, and the two girls white gauze over pink silk slips, with roses on their bodices and their hair dressed a la grecque.

With the development of cotton and silk industries the town has increased enormously, and is now second in importance only to Derby among the towns of the county. While this was being given, Prince Andrew heard the whisper of a woman's voice and the rustle of a silk dress behind the door.

Several times on glancing that way he noticed behind that door a plump, rosy, handsome woman in a pink dress with a lilac silk kerchief on her head, holding a dish and evidently awaiting the entrance of the commander-in-chief. She had tied the silk cord to the brass gas lamp at the ceiling in the center of the room, before knotting the other end about her soft white neck. A tall, beautiful woman with a mass of plaited hair and much exposed plump white shoulders and neck, round which she wore a double string of large pearls, entered the adjoining box rustling her heavy silk dress and took a long time settling into her place.

His gray suit looked expensive and the silk tie added a touch of elegance. After refusing it for manners' sake, he drank it and wiped his mouth with a red silk handkerchief he took out of his cap. The dead woman's pale skin and hair starkly contrasted with Jonny's black silk sheets and duvet. You ransack your budget of historic facts much as you would hunt for a bit of silk in a rag-bag. His hands were symmetrically placed on the green silk quilt, the palms downward.

He wore silk pajama bottoms and was barefoot, his muscular upper body on display. She stood spread-eagle until it shrank to fit her, shuddered at the creepy sensation of life-like silk caressing her skin, and hurried out of the bathroom.

The silk cord was fastened to the brass gas lamp that centered the ceiling of the room, the other end tightly knotted about her soft white neck. Ensconced lights glowed in the midday, and antique furniture, rare paintings, elegant marble sculptures befitting a museum, silk Persian rugs underfoot, and many other priceless displays of prestige lined the wide hall.

It was sensual, dark and cool: black walls and obsidian wood flooring covered by jewel-toned rugs, mahogany California King bed with the finest maroon silk sheets and a dark gray comforter so soft, it was like sleeping in a cloud. Well, I make Assorted Flutters for flags and bunting, and a superior grade of Rustles for ladies' silk gowns.

The mother smoothed the folds of her dyed silk dress before a large Venetian mirror in the wall, and in her trodden-down shoes briskly ascended the carpeted stairs. They were a handsome couple, the elegant woman's hair so fine and blonde it resembled white silk. Xander was instantly fascinated by the sensation of downy fur and cotton spun so finely, it was like silk.

This latter type appears to be the true "tabby"; since that word denotes a pattern like that of watered silk. Akhmim has several mosques and two Coptic churches, maintains a weekly market, and manufactures cotton goods, notably the blue shirts and check shawls with silk fringes worn by the poorer classes of Egypt.

On the hills the baobab and hyphaene palm are characteristic; on the plateau are stretches of open savanna, and park-like country with clumps of silk cotton and shea-butter trees. At South Manchester, an attractive industrial village, a silk mill was built in ; the silk mills of one firm Cheney Brothers here cover about 12 acres; the company has done much for its employees, whose homes are almost all detached cottages in attractive grounds.

Helmond is one of the industrial centres of the province, and possesses over a score of factories for cotton and silk weaving, cotton printing, dyeing, iron founding, brewing, soap boiling and tobacco dressing, as well as engine works and a margarine factory.

He sometimes held the carbon powder against the diaphragm in a small tr ans' shallow cell from a quarter to half an inch in diameter and about an eighth of an inch deep , and sometimes he used what he describes as a fluff, that is, a little brush of silk fibre with plumbago rubbed into it.

The chief productions are wheat, wine, oil, mastic, figs, raisins, honey, wax, cotton and silk. During the period the average annual production of silk cocoons was 53, tons, an of silk tons. Handlooms and small spinTextiles ning establishments have, in the silk industry, given place to large establishments with steam looms. The production of raw silk at least tripled itself between and , and the value of the silk s woven in Italy, estimated in to be 2,,, is now, on account of the development of the export trade calculated to be almost 4,, There are several public assay offices in Italy for silk ; the first in the world was established in Turin in In the mining and woollen industries they have fallen, but have increased in mechanical, chemical, silk and cotton industries.

In some trades, for instance the silk trade, women earn little more than lod. The diminution was due to a smaller exportation of raw silk and oil. The principal exports are silk and cotton tissues, live stock, wines, spirits and oils; corn, flour, macaroni and similar products; and minerals, chiefly sulphur. The iron tree Parrotia persica , the silk acacia, Carpinus betulus, Quercus iberica, the box tree and the walnut flourish freely, as well as the sumach, the pomegranate, and the Gleditschia caspica.

The emperor Justinian , in whose reign the greatness of the Eastern empire culminated, sent two Nestorian monks to China, who returned with eggs of the silk worm concealed in a hollow cane, and thus silk manufactures were established in the Peloponnesus and the Greek islands. Those who were reconciled were deprived of all honourable employment, and were forbidden to use gold, silver, jewelry, silk or fine wool.

Its cloth and silk manufactures are important, and owing to the opening up of extensive coalfields in the district almost every branch of iron industry is carried on. Silk fabrics, coarse woollen cloth, paper and clocks are manufactured. Live-stock and agricultural products are exported; the chief imports are wood and raw silk.

Bourg is the capital and Belley is the seat of a bishop. Jujurieux, in the arrondissement of Nantua, has the most important silk factory in the department, occupying over workpeople.

St Rambert, in the arrondissement of Belley, besides being of industrial importance for its manufactures of silk and paper, possesses the remains of a Benedictine abbey, powerful in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries.

In General Maclean, the British consul-general, reported that there were silk , 40 carpet and shawl looms at work. The carpet-looms at work now number several hundreds, while looms of silk and shawl number less than half what they did in With France there is a large traffic in wines, spirits, silk , fruit, vegetables and general provisions. There are also tanneries, dye-works and manufactures of silk , linen and woollen fabrics, leather and starch.

The larva makes a globular case of. Gold-working, the making of arms and musical instruments, wood-carving, cotton, silk and gold thread weaving are of importance. Panama has had an important trade: its imports, about twice as valuable as its exports, include cotton goods, haberdashery, coal, flour, silk goods and rice; the most valuable exports are gold, india-rubber, mother of pearl and cocobolo wood. Sofia forms the centre of a railway system radiating to Constantinople m.

Altogether raw silk and silk yarn to an annual value exceeding millions sterling are exported from Russia. Next after cottons come woollens, silk , cloth, chemicals, machinery, paper, furniture, hats, cement, leather, glass and china and other products.

The demarcation between heartwood and sapwood is not clear and the wood is straight grained and lustrous. Dragon Trim is comparatively soft and light in weight for a hardwood.

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The study of the history of clothing and textiles traces the development, use, and availability of clothing and textiles over human history. Clothing and textiles reflect the materials and technologies available in different civilizations at different times. The variety and distribution of clothing and textiles within a society reveal social customs and culture. The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic and is a feature of most human societies, though it is not known exactly when various peoples began wearing clothes. Anthropologists believe that animal skins and vegetation were adapted into coverings as protection from cold, heat and rain, especially as humans migrated to new climates.

Industrial Classification used in the 2012 Economic Census for Business Activity

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Their bodies were slick with sweat, and she lingered in the afterglow, lost in the heat and silk of his skin. The city has extensive manufactures of heavy machinery, electric supplies, brass and copper products and silk goods.

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Kareems Spun Silk is not traded in the last 30 days. Track Kareems Spun on the go with the money control app. When the collaboration ended in , the name was changed to Kareems Silk International Limited. KSIL has a good track record of performance, profitability and dividend. The net profits for the last three years, has been Rs. The performance details of KSIL are given below. The Company was incorporated on The name of the Company was subsequently changed to Kareems Spun Silk Limited and the change in the name was approved and incorporated on 5. The Certificate of commencement of business was obtained on Main Objects of the Company: 1.

Kareems Spun Silk

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Summary of Foreign Commerce of the United States. United States. Bureau of the Census. Accompanied by annual issue in and by quarterly cumulative issues beginning in All articles exported shall be valued at their actual cost. Animals and animal products, edible. Group 0. Animals and animal products, inedible.

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Foreign Commerce and Navigation of the United States. United States. Bureau of the Census. The statistics of "Immigration and passenger movement" are included in the report on foreign commerce to , and for are also published separately. Import trade of the United States with the world by countries and articles Exports of domestic merchandise by articles and countries Exports of domestic merchandise by articles and customs districts Export trade of the United States with the world by countries and articles Exports of foreign merchandise reexports by articles and countries

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China grape silk

What if it was possible to produce stronger body armor for the military, or even biodegradeable containers? One company, Nexia Biotechnologies has set out to do just that, with the use of recombinant spider silk proteins. Spider silk is one of the strongest naturally made fibers in the world, so the ability to produce this in fabric form could be remarkable. BioSteel, the name of this potential product, could mean anything from stronger bulletproof vests, to eye sutures, or even aircraft equipment.

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Colorful decorative paper strings which have been produced since the Heian Period. Mizuhiki is produced mainly in Shikokuchuo City. To make this decorative string, washi handmade Japanese paper is twisted, glued and dried. Mizuhiki of Iyo area is said to originate in the motoyui paper string used to tie up the hair in the Heian Period.

Yarn Crafts 100g Recycled Sari Silk Yarn Hand-spun Olive Green Soft Yarns

In addition to the chief products of the sericultural industry, there are a host of waste materials eliminated during manufacturing, which have commercial value During rearing, pierced cocoons and double cocoons are created. Silk reeling generates brushing waste, end-missing cocoons and pupae. Double cocoons are processed to make doupion silk.

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