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Portugal has a great manufacturing tradition: textile, shoes, furniture, ceramics. From small independents to luxury brands, most of the fashion labels produce their clothes and shoes around the city of Porto: Paul Smith, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Maison Kitsune, Tommy Hilfigher, all use production facilities in the area, to name only a very few. Here is a little overview of what you can expect from Portugal, where and how to find manufacturers. It is in the same time zone as the UK, 1h behind France. There are frequent flights run by both established airlines and low-cost carriers. It is also typically cheaper and faster to ship merchandise from Portugal to Continental Europe.

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How to Find a Factory to Manufacture Your Product

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Portugal has a great manufacturing tradition: textile, shoes, furniture, ceramics. From small independents to luxury brands, most of the fashion labels produce their clothes and shoes around the city of Porto: Paul Smith, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Maison Kitsune, Tommy Hilfigher, all use production facilities in the area, to name only a very few.

Here is a little overview of what you can expect from Portugal, where and how to find manufacturers. It is in the same time zone as the UK, 1h behind France.

There are frequent flights run by both established airlines and low-cost carriers. It is also typically cheaper and faster to ship merchandise from Portugal to Continental Europe.

Siv Tone Kverneland of Finger in the nose considers herself totally satisfied with her Portuguese suppliers. My first production experience in Portugal was with my previous company and that started in Based in the UK, Miller produces everything in Portugal, apart from their knitwear. After five years of Portuguese production, Nickey Thrussell founder of the brand has learned how to handle things.

When Violaine Belle-Croix launched her shoe label Clotaire two years ago, she opted for Portugal and she reognizes it was a good choice. Dandy Star produces their jersey in Portugal, though an agent.

I think our supplier understands our taste for colours and graphic design very well, and also understands the Kids Case image we want to create. So when they receive our design drawings they perfectly translate them into kidscase pieces. We hardly ever need to make adjustments in the samples, for example. For Swiss brand Lasticot , the quality is exceptional. We had delays in deliveries and production was OK.

Hong Kong, China, India became the center of textile production for everyone, including designers and luxury brands.

Today, Portugal sees many of them returning. Despite the booming of the Far East industries and the consequent move of the major customers in the last 2 decades, brands are now considering relevant factors such as the proximity and the textile industry heritage amongst others.

Interesting also to hear the comments of Sonia and Claudia Rocha , founders of the brand Wolf and Rita. The two sisters are on both sides of the industry, as brand owners, but also involved in production, as they own a shirt factory in Guimaraes with their father. Our prices have to be competitive, but there is much more beyond this in Portugal.

We are easy people to work with, straightforward and importantly, trustworthy and honest. I would like to see brands appreciating and respecting our history of artisans and extremely well qualified workers in the textile industry.

People should also take into consideration that the competitive Asian prices come from very low salaries, unfortunately. In our opinion the quality of the products and manufacture in Portugal is our greatest advantage.

The factories are concentrated in the North of the country, around Porto. Smaller artisans are spread all over the country. For small brands, the main resource for finding producers is still word of mouth: fabric reps, manufacturers in other countries, colleagues, etc. Specialized trade fairs are also a good source.

Lasticot found their factory partners at the trades show Zoom by Fatex. In Portugal, the Textile and clothing association ATP sends representatives to all major fairs around the world to promote their industry. French brand Chupeta has been working directly with Portuguese factories since Fatima de Araujo , owner of the brand, made contact with factories while doing an internship in Portugal.

So for her it was no trouble to source production. Another interesting approach is to visit and explore. I recently came across two examples of brand owners who booked a ticket to Portugal to have a look around. They both succeeded in finding what they were looking for. She visited the fabric stores in the center of Porto, asked questions around and found her way to a small unit that is now working on her next collection. It takes a bit of time, it can be strenuous work but you always end up finding the right supplier.

I wish I had more time to look around Viana di Castello, the cradle of embroidery. Next time! Serena, our shoe designer and maker, had heard that Portugal was a great place to produce shoes because it was a great blend of artisan quality, great technology, and yet would probably be less expensive than Italy.

We had a couple of contacts, but basically landed in Portugal with a pair of our shoes in a little bag, prepared to knock on the doors of factories, see where and how the shoes were being made, and get some quotes and samples under way. The school was amazing with an emphasis on shoemaking as a valued artisanal trade. The shoe last factory was also really impressive — we watched the entire process of making thousands of lasts with state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of what we had paid for our run of lasts from the UK.

We were also really pleased with leather tanneries, their decent minimums and color choices for a small company. To be honest, this has been a much harder part of the process than working with the factory on the details of the shoes, cost of production, and sample-making, all of which were quite simple through email.

Launched two years ago, Pois Selection offers a handpicked selection of the best Portuguese products — only things that the owners, two stylish French women based in Lisbon, love and buy themselves.

Caroline Filou and Anne-Marie Bonnamy travel the country to identify authentic, original and contemporary products, made by brands and artists, some already very well established and some still very unknown and very small.

Eau de toilette, soaps, candles, notebooks, home textile with handmade embroidery are part of their selection. They experimented with working directly with some local seamstresses in Lisbon to avoid intermediaries and manage the design and production on their own. Newly installed in Porto from Spain, Agnes Boudahana has just stated her own agency. A seamstress trained in Paris, Agnes knows a lot about sewing and following productions. For her starting phase she has decided to help designers find ateliers, workshops, small factories adapted to small run production, or even women who can embroider, knit and sew very small quantities of high quality products.

A large number of the brands I spoke to work with an agent. No Added Sugar works directly with producers, although they worked with agents too in the past. So, apart from a complaint concerning the respect of delivery deadlines, Portugal seems to be a good place for production. It also offers another pleasant fringe benefit: combining work with pleasure.

Yearly visits to Porto would be reason enough to produce there! Plus our drinks cupboard is jammed packed with some pretty good port…! A good number of brands are relocating their production to Portugal, as highlighted in an article from Monocle Magazine April 14 issue.

Scoop — Mafalda Pinto. Appicaps Portuguese Association for the Shoe Industry — apiccaps. I founded Pirouette Blog in November Today I am a contributor, looking with delight how the blog is developing with Katie as the new boss! Dutch photographer Fiona Ruhe always loved fashion and photography, since a young age. When it comes to children, Fiona often…. Production of goods, and also production of images? Milk magazine is very well distributed in news stands in Portugal.

But Portugal is also greatly featured in Milk this month : four Portuguese getaways displayed in the magazine and a Lisbon. Isn't a beach house everybody"s dream? A desert or secret beach.

David lives in the beautiful city of Porto. He has an older brother and an older sister; his passion in life is football. His Mom Mafalda owns and manages a sourcing apparel business in….

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Portugal, new production paradise May 5, In Business. By Florence Rolando. What do brands say about their experience in Portugal? Where are the factories and how to find a suitable producer in Portugal?

Working in Portugal: with an agent or directly? Visiting Portugal : the cherry on the cake So, apart from a complaint concerning the respect of delivery deadlines, Portugal seems to be a good place for production. Subscribe to Pirouette's monthly Newsletter. You allow us to send you emails. You might also like. Prev Home Next. Privacy Preferences I Agree. Privacy Policy Required. CDN Required. For performance and security reasons, we use Flywheel as our CDN network. YouTube Required.

A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Apparel Trimming.

See, which brands obtain and sell their products. Imagine you could identify manufacturers based on their proven specialization and their former customers. Learn how to find your most suitable manufacturers for fitness equipment within minutes! This list is based on verified inside information about suppliers worldwide and can not be falsified. The largest one is Lighting or signalling equipment; electrical, excluding articles of heading no. Find reliable fitness equipment manufacturers based on verified information.

GCSE Industry Glossary

Industrial employment in western Germany declined steadily from a postwar peak. However, deindustrialization was not as precipitous in Germany as it was in some other European countries. Western German industry benefited from the willingness of banks to take a long-term view on investment and of the federal government to underwrite research and development. German industrial products are viewed with great prestige on world markets and are in strong demand overseas. By contrast, unification revealed that most of eastern German industry was incapable of competing in a free market. The steel industry in eastern Germany was largely abandoned after unification, though some production was reestablished at a renovated plant at Eisenhuettenstadt.

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This idea and technology is from dancing party spotlighting which we used to Produce for many years and now we extend this technology into the LED lighting sources. Now these products is getting popular for worldwide customer using in many places,for example, landscape in garden or building Ningbo Ariste International Co. Our 9 years' craft experience helps us to select the best products with right price for our customers.

Manufacturing is no longer simply about making physical products. Changes in consumer demand, the nature of products, the economics of production, and the economics of the supply chain have led to a fundamental shift in the way companies do business.

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. If you've been reading about how to start a business , you may have brainstormed some ideas of your own like capitalizing on a trending product. This is an interesting time for an entrepreneur, as momentum begins to build and excitement grows the more you think about your ideas. However, time and time again, many entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall and losing momentum when it comes time to actually source products. Whether it be manufacturing your own product or finding suppliers to purchase wholesale from, they aren't always easy to find. In this post, we're going to look at the basics of sourcing a supplier for your next project. We will look at some places to search, how you should approach them and what to ask.

What Are the Three Types of Costs Used in Manufacturing Products?

Manufacturing offshore can reduce the cost of production, help get your product to market faster, and reduce delivery costs. For most businesses, it makes sense to manufacture overseas to reduce component costs while keeping research and development, and design and short-run manufacturing, in New Zealand. For most small businesses, the trick to manufacturing overseas is to find a way to contract the job or go into a partnership with an overseas manufacturer without losing control of your product. This involves using an overseas firm to manufacture all or part of your product under contract, to your specifications.

Agglomeration Economies : savings which arise from the concentration of industries in urban areas and their location close to linked activities. A car factory attracts component suppliers to locate close by, saving on transport costs. Other savings are made in labour and training costs, and the use of the services found in urban areas, e.

The book combines text and graphic material to create an extraordinarily rich picture of Canada's past, and presents a splendid visual record of the roots of our society and the evolution of the intensely regional, culturally diverse nation we know today. Based on the best-selling three-volume Historical Atlas of Canada, the Concise distills the best and most important plates into a single, comprehensive, thematically organized volume. It represents more than 20 years of collaborative effort between highly accomplished cartographers and a wide range of scholars. The goal of the Concise Historical Atlas of Canada is simple: to summarize Canadian history from prehistory through to the latter part of the twentieth century. To accomplish this goal, the editors selected 67 plates from the nearly plates found in the full set. Each plate is a double-page spread of maps, graphics, legends, and text on a single subject or theme, and is accompanied by a bibliographical note at the end of the volume. Collectively, the plates represent both the crucial events and the continuity of life that made Canada. The editors intend their selection to mirror the social and economic experiences of ordinary people more than the political and military activities associated with individual heroes. While the plates selected from the full three-volume set are used without modification, the Concise Historical Atlas of Canada follows its own organizational structure. Plates have been grouped under three headings: 'National Perspectives,' 'Defining Episodes,' and 'Regional Patterns,' each with a new introductory essay.

Indirect manufacturing costs are a manufacturer's production costs other than direct in determining a manufacturer's cost of goods sold and the cost of its inventory. salaries, wages and fringe benefits of the indirect manufacturing personnel.


Cargo insurance covers all possible risks for the full value of the goods which can include shipping costs, duties and insurance costs. Because we are located in Yiwu,which is the famous city as the jew With the persisting joint efforts of the whole enterprise, up to , Sinrong has developed into an Yiwu onbest accessory Co. Guangzhou Easypromogift Crafts Co.

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University of Chicago Press Bolero Ozon. Arcadius Kahan , Richard Hellie. In this extraordinary rich and subtle work, Arcadius Kahan analyzes a massive collection of documents which revise traditional interpretations of eighteenth-century Russian economic history. Kahan stresses economic rationality in the context of social constraints, offering the fullest and most convincing explanation yet of the economic foundations of Russia's power.

Temple University Press Bolero Ozon. Robert D. Urban historians have long portrayed suburbanization as the result of a bourgeois exodus from the city, coupled with the introduction of streetcars that enabled the middle class to leave the city for the more sylvan surrounding regions.

Supplier Location:. Supplier Types: Trade Assurance.

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