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Units product cords

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Cord (unit)

We recommend a power cord be your first cable purchase as it is the most important cable in your system.

Our Blue Heaven power cord is a good place to start. However, you will find significant improvements as you upgrade to Norse 2 and especially to our Reference Series. Yes, Nordost cables are directional. This is especially true for single ended RCA interconnects as the shield is connected at the source or output end only.

The directional arrows always point away from the source. For example, from a CD player to an amplifier, the arrows should point towards the preamplifier or power amplifier.

On a speaker cable the arrows would always point towards the loudspeaker. When cables are manufactured they do not have any directionality. However, as they break in, they acquire directionality. Although the cable signal is an alternating current, small impurities in the conductor act as diodes allowing signal flow to be better in one direction over time. This effect is also called quantum tunneling, w hich has been observed in experiments over 25 years ago.

Regardless of the purity of the metal used, there are still diode effects in all conductors. In addition, the insulation material will change when it is subjected to an electrical field. Normally, we recommend at least hours. However, our Reference level cables require at least hours.

Most dealers will do this for a small charge and many offer this service when you buy your cables from them.

This is another reason to buy your cable from an Authorized Nordost Dealer. Considerable changes occur in the cable during the break in process. Any gases that were trapped between the insulation and the conductors during manufacturing are dissipated. Additionally, the insulation material charges up. The diode effects of the conductor will be more pronounced after hours of break in. During this time the cable takes on a direction.

If the cable has not been used for more than one month, it will benefit from being broken in on the VIDAR. It is a good idea to bring your cables back to your local dealer every year and have them broken in again. The VIDAR is designed to put a very wide band signal of varying amplitude through the cables connected to it.

In the normal course of use, cables such as tone arm and analog interconnects never get a high level of signal. This means it can take a long time for them to break in fully.

Cables such as tonearms and analog interconnects are normally never exposed to high signal levels, so it takes an extra long time for them to break in. The combination of frequencies put through the cable speed up the break in process. The best method to clean your cables is to use a damp cloth to clean the outer jacket.

Then take a clean cloth or paper towel and spray it with ECO3X and wipe down the outer jacket of the cable. This will prevent the build-up of spurious static charges on the cable, which may affect the sound quality.

No, do not use ECO3X to clean your connectors. It is not a contact cleaner and will leave a residue on the connector. We recommend any good quality electrical contact cleaner. Craig Pro Gold and Deoxit are very good. Nordost digital cables all use Micro or Dual Mono-Filament technology to remove timing errors and jitter.

The result is superb performance you can hear. The correct termination for true 75 ohm impedance is a BNC connector due to the mechanical spacing of the center conductor relative to the outer insulation.

We cannot alter the laws of physics. We have found that keeping the integrity of the 75 ohm cable with a BNC termination and using an RCA adaptor always provides better sonic results. It also means the cable can be used easily as a clocking cable, which typically uses BNC connections for superior performance. Yes, factory re-termination is available.

This is best done through our worldwide network of Authorized Nordost Dealers who can arrange the return of the cables to our factory for re-termination. Due to the complex construction of this cable and the fact that it is mechanically tuned, it is not possible to have it re-terminated.

Unfortunately, since most Nordost cables are mechanically tuned for optimum performance, adjusting the cable length will compromise the performance.

In the event that you require shorter cables, we suggest that you visit your local Authorized Nordost Dealer who may be able to accept a trade of your existing product and supply you with the necessary lengths. These jumpers are designed to replace the metal strips commonly found on bi-wire speakers. They are mechanically tuned and improve sound quality dramatically. It is DPL certified for high performance. While our cables will work at longer distances, in order to comply with the strict guidelines of DPL, we do not offer longer lengths.

If you are using a properly implemented balanced design from the same manufacturer, then XLR will sound better. However, if you are using balanced equipment from different manufacturers, the results can vary. In some cases the equipment may not be truly balanced. If there is the option, the single RCA will sound best.

Across our cable ranges, we typically recommend the Nordost banana Z-plug. We have being using this connector for many years due to its low mass design and beryllium copper construction. Nordost is committed to making all of its products in the USA. You also have the ability to test cables and get proper advice on setting up your system. Most Authorized Nordost dealers have a demo case available so that you can borrow cables and try them in your system. Our loudspeaker cables are flat because the extruded FEP method of manufacturing that we employ allows us to precisely space conductors with a very high degree of precision.

This precise geometry achieves very low capacitance and inductance — numbers that translate to much better sonic performance. Micro Mono-Filament technology is a proprietary method of manufacturing cables to minimize the influence of the insulation on the conductors.

This minimizes contact and dielectric absorption as well as creates a virtual air environment. The spiral filament also delivers excellent mechanical damping and ensures superb geometrical precision. This introduces an even larger airspace and provides less interaction between the insulation material and the conductor, thus improving performance.

Yes, because Nordost cables are made with extruded FEP, they can be bent and folded without delaminating or damaging the insulation. Yes, Nordost loudspeaker cables are made with extruded FEP.

They are extremely durable and tough and can be run under carpets and rugs. The minimum recommended lengths of Nordost cables are as follows: Power cables — 2 meters Analog interconnects — 1 meter Digital interconnects — 1.

Nordost cables can run over longer distances with less signal loss than regular cables. However, when planning a system set up, it is wise to keep lower level signals such as tonearm cables and analog interconnects relatively short. It is better to use longer loudspeaker cables as these typically have much more current and voltage being provided by the power amplifier.

Our standard length is 1. However, due to the low level of signal, we would not recommend exceeding this length. We do not recommend bundling extra lengths of cables tightly.

Doing so may change the electrical characteristics of the cable, increasing capacitance and impedance. It is better to coil the cables back and forth in a loose configuration.

Each product has a different focus. The QX2 should be used to focus the soundstage. The QX4 should be used to increase the dynamic range, improve the cross talk and lower the noise floor in the system.

However, for best results, we would recommend a full complement of QRT products with Nordost power cords. Since the philosophy of QRT is very different from that of other companies, we cannot guarantee the same sonic results. No, the QRT products do not use surge protection.

Connect the first QB8 unit to the wall using the best possible power cord. Once these steps are completed, you can connect the components as you normally would. It is best to use the QV2 units in pairs. While adding just one will improve the sound, each pair increment will have greater impact.

The more pairs of QV2s in the system, the greater the increase in sound quality. Many users choose to install 6 or 8 pieces in their system, in addition to the QX2 and QX4 units. No, the Sort Kones are designed for use under audio and video components only and should not be used under loudspeakers.

Each of these combinations has different sonic attributes. You should use a minimum of 3 pieces under each component. However, adding additional Sort Kones will give a noticeable improvement.

Contact Nordost technical support at 1 or info nordost. The Sort Kone AS will support 75 lbs or 34kilos per piece. The other Sort Kones will support lbs Other sizes are available from your Authorized Nordost Dealers at additional cost.

KEI was established in as a partnership firm under the name Krishna Electrical Industries, with prime business activity of manufacturing house wiring rubber cables. Headquartered in New Delhi India , the Company offers an extensive range of cabling solutions.

We respond to diversifying global needs with our high-quality technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years. We will also create new possibilities in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, housing equipment, information and communications, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and others. We provide differentiated high-quality products with our superior manufacturing technology at a valuable cost. Based on our product development and product design technologies for polymeric materials, we are striving to provide better products through an integrated production system that utilizes overseas bases from the manufacture of these materials to the completion of unit products. In cooperation with OEMs, suppliers, and specialized organizations, we will contribute to society by developing and proposing products that meet the advanced technologies automatic driving, EV, energy conservation, etc.

Power Cord for Residential Mats

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Wires and cables for electrical units

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A British thermal unit Btu is a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources.

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GFCI Extension Cords

We recommend a power cord be your first cable purchase as it is the most important cable in your system. Our Blue Heaven power cord is a good place to start. However, you will find significant improvements as you upgrade to Norse 2 and especially to our Reference Series. Yes, Nordost cables are directional.

Inka khipus—spun and plied cords that record information through intricate patterns of knots and colors—constitute the only available primary sources on the Inka empire not mediated by the hands, minds, and motives of the conquering Europeans. As such, they offer direct insight into the worldview of the Inka—a view that differs from European thought as much as khipus differ from alphabetic writing, which the Inka did not possess.

Wall-mounted ovens and counter-mounted cooking units complete with provisions for mounting and for making electrical connections shall be permitted to be permanently connected or, only for ease in servicing or for installation, cord-and-plug-connected. A separable connector or a plug and receptacle combination in the supply line to an oven or cooking unit shall be approved for the temperature of the space in which it is located. Range hoods shall be permitted to be cord-and-plug connected with a flexible cord identified as suitable for use on range hoods in the installation instructions of the appliance manufacturer, where all of the following conditions are met:. For cord-and-plug- or attachment fitting- connected appliances, an accessible separable connector or an accessible plug or attachment fitting and receptacle combination shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means. The attachment fitting shall be a factory installed part of the appliance and suitable for disconnection of the appliance. Where the separable connector or plug or attachment fitting and receptacle combination are not accessible, cord-and-plug-connected or attachment fitting-and-plug-connected appliances shall be provided with disconnecting means in accordance with B Connection at the Rear Base of a Range. Share this Page! Article B Specific Appliances.

14/3 Replacement Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Cord - Beige. 14/3 SPT-3 Wire Air Conditioner/Major Appliance Extension Cord with Right U-Ground Plug, Gray. 12/3 SPT-3 3-Wire Amp Air Conditioner/Major Appliance Power Cord.

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NetShelter Power Cords

View customer comments. Pocket Wizard Accessories — 4 Items — 1 New! Products to secure your Pocket Wizards. Sometimes referred to as "Motor Drive Cables" or "Pre-Release Cables," these cables allow a Pocket Wizard to remotely fire the shutter of specific cameras. Heavy-duty and flexible Screwlock PC sync cords. Light Modifiers — 2 Items — Both New! Products that concentrate, bounce or soften light. Discover the potential and flexibility of Mono miniphone sync devices! Cords and adapters to connect cameras to computers and televisions. These long sync cords with integrated camera hotshoe adapters provide convenient off camera flash attachment for cameras without a built in PC sync port.

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Fire-resistant cables for electrical installations are designed to distribute electrical energy to the electrical installations at stationary laying in power and lighting electrical networks, as well as for the installation of electrical equipment, machines, tools and machine tools, domestic electrical installations, for installation outdoors and inside industrial buildings, hollow channels of building structures hidden under the plaster lining. The wire is used for the installation of electrical circuits, the power electric motors, various industrial and laboratory equipment, and portable devices. Modification: for single installation; flame retardant at installation, with low smoke and gas emission; cold-resistant. The cables do not spread combustion at group, stationary laying of cable lines, in the absence of mechanical effects on cable and they are able to operate when exposed by the flame for at least minutes.

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