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Warehouse industrial glass technical

Warehouse industrial glass technical

Augmented Reality AR is an interactive experience where reality is extended by computer-generated information. It provides users with an enhanced composite view of the real-world. From simulation virtual reality headsets to everyday smart glasses, this technology can bring value and excitement through multiple applications and industries. For Enterprises, augmented reality can revolutionise warehouse operations. The technology has the potential to enhance numerous activities from training programs, through logistics, to equipment operation.

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Enterprise Smart Glasses Solutions

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These systems have created tremendous productivity gains for the supply chain. As the industry is still enjoying the benefits from this technology, wandering eyes are already looking toward the next technology boost to further increase efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers.

As augmented reality and wearable technology continue to mature, their combination appears to be posing as the next hit in the supply chain industry. The most promising wearable technology for our industry are smart glasses. They are developing very quickly and have been providing the most significant and immediate promise. Smart glasses offer rich features such as mobile, hands-free picking in addition to a potentially low cost of ownership--benefits that warehouse managers covet.

Initial challenge came from Google Glass, but after it became apparent Google was more focused on the consumer market and less on the industrial, enterprise environment, other companies like Vuzix were able to enter the market and offer a more industrial solution using smart glasses technology. Vuzix, with strong backing from larger technology companies like Intel, Lenovo and others, provides a great foundation for introducing smart glasses into the supply chain arena.

The operation is extremely simple. A pick operator wearing smart glasses loads a batch of orders to be picked and asks via the built-in microphone to be given the next location where a pick is to be performed.

As operators are navigated toward the location, smart glasses scan the location barcode and validate that the operator is in the right place. The built-in vision system recognizes the product and verifies the correct item is picked. Operators are visually and audibly guided to place the product into the right position on the picking cart. A pick is then complete, and the system updates the order status and inventory levels. Operators execute the prior steps until the batch of orders are completed.

Benefits of Smart Glasses in the Warehouse Smart glasses have an advanced set of features that bring a slew of benefits to supply chain operations: Mobile solution - Wearable technology is fully mobile and can be used without recharging for a long period of time, covering an entire shift of operation.

Rich graphical user interface — Full color, high-resolution displays provide a visually equivalent image to a smartphone display. Displays can also show rich information without the need for carrying a handheld device. Voice-controlled processing - With built-in speakers, microphone, and voice recognition engine, smart glasses capture and execute voice commands.

Barcode scanning and image capture - With a built-in camera and ability to capture video, scanning of barcodes is an integral part of smart glass technology. Vision-aided processing - In conjunction with the built-in camera, the vision recognition framework helps with accuracy of supply chain operations, for example, picking the correct product during an order fulfillment process.

Global positioning — A built-in GPS system aids with operator navigation and positioning within the warehouse. Gesture controls — A gesture recognition engine within the smart glasses can recognize certain head or body movement, which can serve as commands to the system. Hands-free processing — The entire system is located in the smart glasses, and it does not require hands to operate. Potential low cost of ownership — As smart glasses find their use in both the consumer and enterprise market, the demand will drive the prices down, and smart glasses will become more affordable than some existing mobile solutions in the supply chain.

As the market continues to grow, the features will follow while the cost of smart glass will decline. It will be a very attractive alternative to existing supply chain technologies.

Inevitably, wearable technology, with smart glasses included, is becoming part of our daily lives and will play a major role in supply chain operations in the near future. If you are curious about wearable technology for the warehouse, Bastian Solutions will demonstrate Vuzix smart glasses in our ProMat booth in Chicago, March Please join us at the show to try on the glasses or test our other picking technologies, including voice and light-directed picking as well as RF picking.

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Architectural panels are usually flat, but are also available in some profiles such as striated or light mesa planked. Quite often, they are used for horizontal applications, where panel lengths can be sized to line up with window mullions. Standard widths provide the most cost economy, but custom widths allow the designer the freedom to line up horizontal reveals with window heads and sills, providing a clean, orderly appearance. Metl-Span commercial and industrial panels serve as walls, ceilings and roofs for commercial and industrial buildings, in new and retrofit construction.

Wearable Technology in the Warehouse: Picking with Vuzix Smart Glasses

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Warehouse Design Steals a Page From Tech Playbook

Although it will take time for the trend to catch on, wearables will be widely adopted in the warehouse in the next five years. It offers companies a number of benefits that greatly outweigh the detriments and allows them to eliminate repetitive steps, such as quality assurance. Indeed, wearable devices are now seen as a potential solution to adding more certainty to the ever critical order fulfillment point. Take pick inaccuracy as one example. A temporary warehouse worker, perhaps an employee hired for the busy holiday season, picks and stages an order in pallet, case and unit quantities.

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When Google released the first version of Google Glass in , Lucas developers loaded our order picking software and created a vision picking demo that combined the best of voice and vision. Our conclusion was that smart glasses were not ready for prime time in the warehouse and distribution center. Google eventually shelved the original developer version of Glass, but smart glasses have roared back to life in the last three years. Today there are a number of very capable smart glass models from several vendors Vuzix , Recon , Google, among others that are targeting enterprise and industrial applications in manufacturing, supply chain logistics and field service. In the distribution center, these wearable devices open the door to new picking processes that incorporate visual cues and augmented reality in a seamless, multi-modal and hands-free workflow including voice and scanning. Alongside the technical advances, the hype surrounding the value of so-called vision picking in warehouse logistics is growing. This article provides an overview of the current state of the art in vision for warehouse management and operations, and identifies the short and long-term milestones that will enable vision to cross the chasm from promise to reality in warehouse logistics and other supply chain applications. To confirm their tasks, workers can capture barcodes using the camera embedded in the wearable glass frame rather than handling a scanner. Equally important as the display and scan capabilities, smart glasses include speakers and microphones so that workers can interact using voice direction and speech recognition. By eliminating time that might otherwise be spent stopping to read a wearable device screen, handling a scanner, or key entering data, vision picking will create a more efficient warehouse picking process, compared to RF picking processes that predominate in logistics operations today.

Wearables In The Warehouse

The benefits of smart glasses applications extend beyond the manufacturing plant floor and into virtually any hands-on task within the enterprise. Now, a growing number of distribution centers are beginning to roll out smart glass pilots in their warehouses. Kim notes that smart glasses applications have been producing the best ROI in pilot programs , especially because picking is an area where mistakes can be costly and detrimental to efficiency. Jay believes that smart glasses are most useful when a low volume of high-value parts and high-throughput, third-party e-commerce fulfillment operations are involved.

Partnerships with innovators in robotics, drones, sensors, and wearables make the smart warehouse customizable, flexible, and scalable. Ryder System, Inc. The warehouses, established for three leading global consumer brands, bring together innovative startup technologies and smart capabilities customized to optimize operations and best serve customer needs.

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How are warehouses using smart glasses?

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Picavi addresses technical challenges and transforms those challenges into practical, market-ready solutions. Assisted Reality — expanding reality with context-dependent digital information — is becoming increasingly common in the logistics sector.

A Vision For Smart Glasses And Augmented Reality For Warehouse And DC Operations

James A. Tompkins, Ph. Tompkins is the author of or contributor to 23 books and more than articles in industry journals.

Large Urban Warehouse with LED Glass Walls

These systems have created tremendous productivity gains for the supply chain. As the industry is still enjoying the benefits from this technology, wandering eyes are already looking toward the next technology boost to further increase efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers. As augmented reality and wearable technology continue to mature, their combination appears to be posing as the next hit in the supply chain industry.

Warehouse Design Steals a Page From Tech Playbook

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